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Mooer Twin Series Tender Octaver Pro Octave Pedal

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After listening to suggestions and request from the many artists who have enjoyed our previous octave effects, the "Tender Octaver Pro" from MOOER expands on the micro version, bringing together a whole host of cool new features and options with very easy to use controls. With these added features the "Tender Octaver Pro" becomes much more than just an octave pedal making it possible to do harmonization, pitch shifting, wammy and detune chorus effects.

Like before the dry, sub and upper voices each have their own dedicated, independent level controls. Unlike before the Sub and Upper each have their own tone and pitch controls too, giving a lot more customization options for shaping your sounds.

The Pitch controls are infinitely adjustable between unison and +1/-1 octave making it possible to create all kinds of interesting harmonies and special effects. Connecting a standard expression pedal to the "Tender Octaver Pro" expands on this and opens up the possibility of real time pitch shifting.

As if this wasn't enough we have added a smooth control for automatic ambient volume swells.

This is all put together into one of our twin series pedals with stereo outputs and 4 storable user presets which can be easily scrolled through live using the dedicated footswitch.

 Product Features

—Separate volume, tone and pitch controls for both sub and upper octaves

S.LEVEL:Adjusts output volume of sub octave

S.TONE:Adjusts tonality of sub octave

SUB:Adjusts the pitch of the sub voice. Can be set anywhere between -1 octave and unity with the dry signal

U.LEVEL:Adjusts the output volume of the upper octave

U.TONE:Adjusts tonality of upper octave

UPPER:Adjusts the pitch of the upper voice. Can be set anywhere between +1 octave and unity with the dry signal

——DRY:Adjusts output volume of the dry guitar signal

——SMOOTH: control for automatic volume swells

——Store and recall up to 4 user presets

PRESET FOOTSWITCH:Press this footswitch to change the selected preset (Left most LED is Pedal mode in which all parameter values are depicted by the pedal controls)

STORE:Used for saving presets

——External connection for expression pedal to control octave pitches

EXP MODE:Depicts which voices the expression pedal will effect

——Stereo outputs and Setup


Input:1/4” mono audio jack.(Impedance: 1M Ohms)
Output:1/4” mono audio jack(Impedance: 100 Ohms)
Sampling rate: 44.1K
Sampling accuracy: 24bit
Power requirements: 9V DC 300mA , center negative.
Dimensions: 106mm(D)X96mm(W)X53mm(H)
Weight: 400g


Estimated Dispatch Time: 2-4 Business Days

Mooer Twin Series Tender Octaver Pro Octave Pedal