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Revv Amplification

Revv G20 Amplifier Footswitch

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Description & Specs

Take control of the hottest high gain lunchbox amp with built in Two notes Torpedo Embedded reactive loadbox and virtual cabinets – The Revv G20!

If you are looking for a simple solution to channel-switch your Revv, the Revv G20 Footswitch is for you!

Change channels and aggression modes, engage/disengage Two notes reverb and the “Wide” voice switch, or recall your favorite settings!

Of course, the G20 has full MIDI integration to control channel, wide, aggression, Two notes settings, and more, so you don’t need this footswitch if you already have a MIDI system – this is however a great option for guitarists looking to keep things simple.

Only for use with Revv G20. Includes cable.

Estimated Dispatch Time: 2-4 weeks

Revv G20 Amplifier Footswitch Front
Revv G20 Amplifier Footswitch Top